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Apple Bites Home Page Work With MeIf you were in a relationship with food, your Facebook status would read “it’s complicated”.

Sure, you love food. But you’ve come to realize that maybe you love food more than it loves you. Yes, it’s quite the unrequited romance.

But your food should totally love you!

You’re such a catch!

After all, you’re a motivated, hard working, independent woman.

But sometimes… it feels like your body just can’t keep up with your ambitious brain.
You’re busy and have heaps going on, but being bloated, tired, foggy-headed, and overall “blegh” isn’t helping you get.stuff.done.

You think to yourself… maybe it’s time to start seeing some other foods. 

And I know, breakups can be tough. But this breakup will actually be totally stress free. Because that stress, is the other part of the problem.

Apple Bites Home Page emphatic text
Your relationship with food isn’t broken.

You just need a relationship counselor to help you through this rough patch.
And the good news? You just found her.

Welcome to Apple Bites Wholistic Nutrition.

This is your home, and I’m your helper (Agnes Aldana over here!), for practical, gentle, guidance towards a full life with healthy eating.  Here we make things simple so you can THRIVE. 

Ready to fall back in love with food and live life to it’s fullest?

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