My happy feet.

Tuesdays are usually the hardest day in the week for me. Even harder than Monday. Monday has the excuse of being the first day. Wednesday is at least hump day. Thursday is just one day away from Friday… and so forth. So I try my best to get over the day’s total lack of amour by trying to do something fun.

Today it was a barefoot walk in the park 5 minutes from work (Roma Street Parklands to those of you who are from Brisbane) during my lunch break. Nowadays outdoors and wearing shoes go together. We have to put our shoes on to be respectable. To protect our feet. To look good. Being shoe-less today was a taste of freedom, and such a grounding experience.¬†(despite of course the ever-present threat of needles in parks… but I didn’t even think about that today).

I spent 10 minutes or so wandering around the park, feeling the grass between my toes, feeling the dry bits and the damper bits. Getting a nice little grass-y massage on my soles. Feeling the sun on my face. It made my heart sing. This was soul food.

And then it was back to my office building, full of the earth’s grounding energy and the sun’s warm embrace. I loved this Tuesday.

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