Why I Am No Longer A Foodie


This is a very personal post for me, because it touches the heart of one of the things I truly enjoy most in life — delicious food. I’ve always loved food. Possibly not the making of it at the start, although my mum was a great cook. I wasn’t a particularly keen kitchen helper during […] Read more…

How to Pick Healthy Chocolate


This is just one day late for Mother’s Day, but we all know that one of the things we women know we CAN rely on despite the craziness of everyday…. is chocolate. Nutty, gooey, sweet, or fruity, there is a kind to make every chick happy! And this is exactly why as a Nutrition Nerdette, […] Read more…

Weight Gain Is Just A Symptom

Why You Can't Lose Weight

As a Health Coach, and someone who works a lot with food, I often get asked if I can help them lose weight. And my first response is always, that my clients do end up achieving their optimal weight, but that we need to look beyond the weight. Why is this? Weight gain is just an […] Read more…

Why You Should Try Rooibos Tea Today


This was originally published as guest post for Homefresh Community, the community site for Homefresh Organics (Brisbane’s leading organic food delivery service). There is nothing like a warm steaming cuppa either first thing in the morning, during the mid-morning and mid-afternoon slumps, or late at night to bring a sense of calm and a lovely […] Read more…

Healthy Japanese Okonomiyaki Pancakes


I am always looking for ways to add vegetables to each meal. I first fell in love with Okonomiyaki’s (Japanese pancakes) when I was a student in Tokyo in 1997…. waaaay back! Japanese pancakes are so cool because they are almost entirely made up of filling (usually veggies with some meat) and are therefore a […] Read more…

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