Beat Flu Blues With Food


It’s mid-winter in Brisbane and although we have seen some pretty warm weather the past few days, the chilly days with alternating periods of gloomy rain are not over yet. This is the best formula for flu and colds, and my Facebook feed is proof that more than a few friends are feeling under the […] Read more…

Winter Warmers


Winter is the season of comfort foods and staying indoors, but unfortunately this is also the time when a lot of us feel run down and tempted by less than healthy food and life choices. Here are some simple ways to vote for your health this winter: Listen to your body and make warming food […] Read more…

Busy Morning Quinoa Porridge


Mornings can be very busy and porridge can be the last breakfast of choice. Not anymore with this quick and easy recipe! A simple and warming brekkie is quinoa porridge. Just use a cup of quinoa flakes (you can find this at the Macro section in Woolworths), add 2 cups of liquid (1 cup water […] Read more…

One Little Change: Add More Greens

Veggie Heart

Because I am passionate about small steps and making bite-size changes that have significant impacts to your health, my first post is about adding more greens to your diet. If there is one thing that you can do to improve your health, this is it. Do you need to go on a diet? No, just add […] Read more…

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