Chocolate Zucchini Carrot Muffins

chocolate zucchini carrot mufins

  School (and office) lunches are all about quick, easy to grab, nutritionally balanced options. Try this recipe on a Sunday afternoon for a muffin that’s full of vitamin-rich veggies, as well as healthy fats and clean protein. So simple to make, and you can have a cup of tea and read a book while […] Read more…

Almond Coconut Bread Loaf


Who doesn’t love a warm piece of toast in the morning, slathered with your favourite spread? This loaf is a modification on the Coconut Paleo Bread that I posted some time back, as it uses almond flour. This alters the flavour and protein profile slightly, and also makes for a slightly less dense loaf which […] Read more…

Homefresh Organics Post: Should You Go Gluten Free?

shutterstock_wheat bread

This is a guest post that I wrote originally for HomeFresh Community, HomeFresh Organics’ new blog and community site. “Gluten free” is a phase which is pretty difficult to escape nowadays in any discussion connected to health and nutrition. Go down the supermarket and health food store aisle and there is a profusion of gluten free products […] Read more…

Cauliflower Fried Rice


Who doesn’t love a good fried rice? Looking for a more nutrient-dense, lower-carb alternative to rice? You’re in luck because this is so tasty you’ll almost forget you aren’t having a bowl of good old Basmati Who is this for? My clients who have gut issues and some form of auto-immunity have benefited from minimising […] Read more…

Video Recipe: Slow Roast Chicken


This is my absolute favourite dish at the moment. It’s got lots of healthy fats, protein, delicious and is highly healing and anti inflammatory due to the nutritious softened cartilage, soft meat, coconut oil, turmeric and lemon. This is real gentle energy food, especially if you have adrenal fatigue and gut issues. Doesn’t hurt that […] Read more…

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