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How to Pick Healthy Chocolate


This is just one day late for Mother’s Day, but we all know that one of the things we women know we CAN rely on despite the craziness of everyday…. is chocolate. Nutty, gooey, sweet, or fruity, there is a kind to make every chick happy! And this is exactly why as a Nutrition Nerdette, […] Read more…

Why You Should Try Rooibos Tea Today


This was originally published as guest post for Homefresh Community, the community site for Homefresh Organics (Brisbane’s leading organic food delivery service). There is nothing like a warm steaming cuppa either first thing in the morning, during the mid-morning and mid-afternoon slumps, or late at night to bring a sense of calm and a lovely […] Read more…

Homefresh Organics Post: 3 Simple Changes To Try When You Shop Next


This is a guest post that I wrote originally form HomeFresh Community, HomeFresh Organics’ new blog and community site.   During January, there are heaps of lists coming up of things you can change during the year. Some of them sound doable, and some can be outright challenging. At my practice Apple Bites Wholistic Nutrition, I am […] Read more…

Let’s Talk About Protein Powders


  One of the most common questions I get asked is about my thoughts on protein powders. Do I use them? What brands do I recommend? Today we will talk about the following topics: Uses for protein powder What to look for Whey protein vs plant-based protein As you all know I am an advocate […] Read more…

Is Whole Wheat Bread Healthy? (Part 2)


In “Is Whole Wheat Bread Healthy?” (Part 1 of the series), I tackled a few reasons why this universal breakfast probably isn’t the best option. It is unimaginable for some us not to have whole wheat bread in our diets, because of mainstream messages to say that they are a great source of fibre, B-vitamins […] Read more…

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