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Thrive, Not Strive


It’s been quiet on the Apple Bites blog recently… but I’m back! In the past few days, I have been chatting with friends who are on a “health kick” or are about to start a “health kick”. One of the comments shared with me was: “I’ll start next year. I’m all or nothing. So I’ve […] Read more…

Homefresh Organics Post: 10 Steps to Better Digestion


Click here to read about 10 Steps to Better Digestion. This is a guest post that I wrote originally form HomeFresh Community, HomeFresh Organics’ new blog and community site. Loved this post? Ditch the nutrition confusion with your FREE “Grocery Shopping Makeover Guide”. Bonus: You get my Healthy Shopping Lists with the exact brands I recommend for […] Read more…

My Best 7 Health Tips This New Year


  With the start of the New Year, I took the chance to reflect on some basic changes which were really key to me when I was starting out my health journey…. and which are still so important to me now! Nowadays, it’s so easy to get intimidated or overwhelmed sometimes when you have a […] Read more…

Balance Is a Waste of Time


  Today, at work, I was made to think about balance as I was chatting with a work friend. It is my daughter’s 13th birthday today and I was feeling very much of two minds about leaving work early to celebrate it with my new teen. My wise friend then said…”Go home early. It’s all […] Read more…



Tuesdays are usually the hardest day in the week for me. Even harder than Monday. Monday has the excuse of being the first day. Wednesday is at least hump day. Thursday is just one day away from Friday… and so forth. So I try my best to get over the day’s total lack of amour […] Read more…

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