Everywoman Energy

1-on-1 Coaching Support

You are a woman who wants it all!

And girl, you deserve it all.

But your body keeps getting in the way.

In the morning, you need a keg of coffee, just to be semi-conscious.
Fattening, sugary foods constantly whisper sweet nothings in your ears.
You avoid social situations because you feel bloated, tired or even gassy and your bff, Foxtel, never judges you.

The truth is, you’ve gained weight and your confidence is not what it used to be. Actually, it’s non-existent.

And you want your life back. You want to feel amazing. You want to be the fun, happy, take on the world kind of woman that you know you truly are.

Everywoman Energy is an 8 week program to help you go from feeling blah to badass. Over the eight weeks, we’ll deep dive into all of your food related health issues to get to the bottom of what’s making you feel… blegh and then give you the tools (and inspiration, encouragement and support) to turn it around!
What’s Included?

* 8 weeks of you and me working together to dive into your health issues and get totally clear on what your body needs to look and feel it’s best.
* FOUR ONE-HOUR CALLS (via phone or Skype) with me to dig deep, get answers to your questions and insights into your discoveries, and learn heaps about food along the way!
* ACTION PLANS after each session so you have your success roadmap laid out for you step by step. I’ll write it all out for you so you can make gentle changes that have huge results.
* EMAIL SUPPORT because I’m here for ya, babe. Changing your eating habits can be an emotional feat, I’m here to talk it out with you! Alternatively, if you have an intense craving and need a quick recipe, I can help with that too!
* BONUS: ALL THE INFO to keep you in the know! All Every Woman Energy Partcipants also receive the informative kits, literature and freebies included in Eat to Nourish so you can dig deep and find all your food triggers!

* MEAL PLANS GALORE! You’ll get FOUR WEEKS worth of meal plans and recipes you can use after the program as you continue your journey to a strive-free life (without having to crack open a cookbook!).

By the end of the program eating the right food will be second nature.

Your energy levels will be off the charts and that fog will be lifted. And you know what happens when the fog is lifted? You feel happy, inspired, open to connection. You’ll be feeling your best and ready to get back out there and live your best life.

And the best part? You’ll have what you’ve learned for the rest of your life. And no one can take that away from you.

Foxtel will wait. Your life won’t.

Curious to hear what my beautiful clients have said about me?

“Agnes is gradually changing my life – I am so thankful that I am now on the road to a healthier eating regime. She is so knowledgeable and so passionate about nutrition that you can’t help but become inspired. At the outset, the thought of the amount of change you need to make is almost overwhelming, but Agnes leads you down the path at your own pace and is there to support you all the way. I feel like a disciple as I’m spreading the word to all my family and friends – I want them to also benefit from this healthier way of living so that they will enjoy long and active lives.” – Catherine B.

“Agnes has helped me develop a real understanding of the foods which work for my body. Agnes is easy to work with and goes beyond just the food aspect. I loved her focus on overall wellbeing, and her whole body approach. And because she walks the talk, she made me think it was possible. I looked forward to our session every 2 weeks and I learned so much. I feel confident that I can now make the appropriate choices for myself moving forward, whatever the situation may be.” – Marg M

“I thoroughly enjoyed how you were able to share with me the biological reasons and effects on my body, based on my food and drink choices.  I never truly understand those impacts. You helped me realise that with thinking ahead, planning and awareness, change was possible and achievable even for my most busiest times in life.  I’ve told them that you are understanding, empowering and encouraging, particularly during the hard times. Also, you were very patient and able to break down the changes into manageable steps, where I didn’t feel too overwhelmed. I wouldn’t have been able to lose 8 kilos and 30.5cm off my total body without you and I am so thankful that you have apart of my journey of change. It was so much easier to have you on my side!!” – Cheryl R


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