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For some time now you haven’t felt great. Forget that, you haven’t felt like yourself at all. You’ve been feeling a little bit bloated. Your skin has forgotten the meaning of “dewy”. Or you just can’t shift those kilos despite being on a constant diet and working out like a demon. (Or worse, you hate working out and you despair of ever fitting into that special pair of jeans.) You feel really hormonal even when it isn’t that time of month. You feel sluggish and heavy. Heck, you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.


You’re ready to take the first step!

Well, guess what? You actually already did.

Just saying you’re ready to change your life IS the first step. So you are actually ready for the SECOND step. Congratulations.

You’ve come to the right place. The Food Diaries is the first step in your new life (you know, the one where you love your body and you feel fabulous?). And it all starts with figuring out what is truly going on in your body. The body is a chemistry lab (yes it is!) and I am here to help you with the first baby step in figuring out how your unique body works – -because everyone is absolutely unique. And the greatest thing is, you will be doing all this while just doing what you already do day to day. All you have to do is write, listen and observe, and have me there with you along the way to hold you accountable and pull it all together at the end based on my third-party standpoint and my experience working with women and their health issues. Don’t you love the idea?

The FoodDiaries

With just one session with Agnes I’ve been able to beat my afternoon sugar cravings. I feel great after making the small changes we discussed. Thanks!

How does this work?

  • For five days you will be working on living a totally normal life. Do what you normally do, eat what you normally eat. No changes necessary.
  • I will provide you with a Food Diary and prompts to make you listen to your body. You will be observing like you’ve never observed before! Write that sh*t down girl!
  • You send me your diary every day. No excuses!
  • Here is where the magic happens >> After Day 5 we sit down and chat by Skype or phone, over a cup of tea and go through your journal in minute detail. This is a one hour deep dive. We will discuss where food may be getting in the way of your health goals, and I will subject you to a geeky discussion of why this may be so. (Because you will want to know. Trust me! This is the one time you will be geeky about your health and you will forever be indebted to yourself for doing this.)
  • We will map out a plan of action for you. In baby steps. Yep, nothing overwhelming, just baby steps which will start to get you results. I’m a big believer that small hinges swing big doors and we will start swinging those doors for you!
  • JUICY BONUSES: At the end of the program, you get:
    – Email Support throughout your 5-days of journalling
    – Your Clean Eating 101 Guide with delicious recipes for all meals (breakfast / lunch / dinner), preparation tips and tips to make your mini cleanup a success.
    – Over 40 delicious clean, no-nasties recipes that will further transform the way you eat. It’s like having me in the kitchen with you for 40 meals, picking the best clean eating options for you.
    – A 30% discount on my Pantry Cleanup service. Because a clean plate starts with your clean pantry. We’ll make sure there are no lurking nasties there that are getting in the way of your most fabulous self.
This is not about telling you generic steps to do, it’s about helping you understand how your unique body works. And that, is knowledge that no one can take away from you.

Ready to get clear and unstuck, whilst going about a totally normal week?


Sounds like the package for you?

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