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This is a guest post that I wrote originally form HomeFresh Community, HomeFresh Organics’ new blog and community site.



During January, there are heaps of lists coming up of things you can change during the year. Some of them sound doable, and some can be outright challenging.

At my practice Apple Bites Wholistic Nutrition, I am a big believer that small hinges swing big doors. So I am happy to add my list of 3 simple changes that you can your family can actually do without deprivation, all during your next Homefresh Organics online shopping trip.

  1. Do an oil change

Still cooking with vegetable oils? And by vegetable oils I am referring to most oils which we have been taught are “healthy” to use:

  • Soya Bean Oil
  • Corn Oil
  • Canola Oil
  • Rice Bran Oil

These oils are either very highly processed or very high in inflammatory Omega 6 fats. Most chronic disease is currently linked to Omega 3 / 6 imbalance with 6 being too high in our current diets due to indiscriminate use of Polyunsaturated Fats like these. Polyunsaturated fats are not shelf stable too, and to make them shelf stable, they go through a LOT of processing at high temperatures and bleaching – which makes them rancid and oxidised before they even reach you.

The solution?

Use coconut oil. Coconut oil is mainly saturated fat — which is a GREAT thing because it’s highly heat stable. Coconut oil is made of Lauric acid and Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA’s) which have been shown to increase metabolism and are not stored as body fat in the body. This fat does not make you fat. Make sure you pick cold pressed extra virgin or virgin coconut oil, preferably organic, and not highly processed versions (popular in the 80′s but less popular now).

Check out these organic, cold pressed alternatives at Homefresh Organics.

2) Choose better quality bread.
Although ideally most of us would be going gluten free and eating only non-grain breads (as grains can be quite damaging to the gut, especially for those who have intolerances, leaky gut and auto-immunity), the reality is that bread is a staple food in our culture. It has been called the staff of life, but instead due to poor quality commercial breads being sold in supermarkets, sliced bread has become the staff of illness instead.

Commercial breads can contain lots of additives, preservatives and sweeteners. Worse, modern manufacturing methods can mean that grains are not prepared properly (soaked / sprouted / fermented), unlike traditional sourdough baking. This can make the bread more difficult to digest, and can cause more issues.

The solution? 

Choose high quality sourdough breads, if you are having bread and if you can tolerate gluten. If gluten is problematic, try organic gluten free options. In both cases, keep it to only 1-2 slices a day.

Check out the Homefresh Organics Bakery section for high quality sourdough or  organic gluten free alternatives.

3) Choose better quality meat

Australia is blessed with beautiful pastures to raise our farm animals for meat. We are in a great space to take advantage of grass-fed meat. Commercially (feedlot) raised animals can suffer from more inflammatory diseases due to the higher proportion of corn / soy or other feed that is not their natural forage. Due to the corn/soy based feed, they can also be higher in inflammatory Omega 6 fats, and this is something we want to avoid.

 The solution?

Choose grass-fed / organic meat. Meat from pasture-raised animals has a higher proportion of anti-inflammatory Omega 3’s. Organic meat also needs to abide by the Australian Certified Organic’s (ACO) standards which include access to the outdoors and better living conditions. Natural habitats provide sanitary conditions, less stress on animals, and natural resistance to disease. It is definitely a choice where kindness, sustainability and our health start to dovetail, and it really is a no-brainer.

The main challenge for most people is finding a convenient source. Thankfully, Homefresh Organics has a fantastic Butcher section with choices sourced from farmers and suppliers that meet Homefresh’s high standards.

Try exploring these changes the next time you customise your fruit / veggie box or make your regular order from Homefresh, and reap the benefits in terms of your health.

Have a great 2015!

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