My Best 7 Health Tips This New Year




With the start of the New Year, I took the chance to reflect on some basic changes which were really key to me when I was starting out my health journey…. and which are still so important to me now!

Nowadays, it’s so easy to get intimidated or overwhelmed sometimes when you have a look at ALL the many diets and recommendations out there. Even just a quick browse on Instagram and all the super-healthy people living such perfectly healthy lives and eating perfectly healthy food can be depressing.

And this is why I have come up with this list, which is a really a roundup of basic steps that are near and dear to me, and that would benefit anyone, no matter what stage of their healthy journey they are at. Pick one or two that work for you… or even better, try these all over a period of 7 days and experiment on which ones resonate with you and can fit into your unique, busy life.

So without further ado… let’s go!

Get Started_copyDAY 1: More than food, health is in the MIND. Get clear on what you would like to change in terms of your health. Would you like to have a bit more energy? Would you like to lose a few kilos? What action will you take? Reduce your coffees? Or just start eating breakfast everyday?

MAKE IT VISIBLE. Our mind has such a powerful effect on our health. Put a note in high traffic areas in your house – – on your refrigerator door, bathroom mirror, your bedroom door, your car… Make it simple, and commit to it. It’s all about wanting to make the change despite being busy at work, commitments, busy with the kids, your partner. Make a decision to make the change, and be gentle on yourself. Don’t make it huge and then get overwhelmed. Remember once you’ve met your goal, the beautiful thing is YOU CAN SET ANOTHER GOAL.

lemon detoxDAY 2: Upon waking up treat yourself to warm water with lemon. This zesty drink wakes you up naturally (much more than coffee) and kickstarts your detoxification process for the day. Plus it gives you a nice boost of natural vitamin C! No lemons or no no time to try this today? Grab the lemons today and try this tomorrow morning.

Thank YouDAY 3: What is your first thought when you wake up? And your last thought before you drift off to dreamland? Let it be something you are grateful for… the small things, the big things, the fact that you are here to live and cherish another day! Writing down your thoughts is so powerful so journal what you are grateful for the next 5 days and feel the SHIFT! A thankful life, is a healthy life.




love your gutDAY 4: Have you ever tried probiotics? Probiotics are simply “good bacteria” that you can seed your gut with, and they are the ultimate HEALING superstars! They keep your balance of gut flora optimal, boosting your digestive health and immunity, reducing inflammation, beating candida, and so much more! Try a probiotic supplement with a 10-15 billion bacteria in several different strains. And load up on a good-quality natural yoghurt, fermented foods like pickles / kimchi / sauerkraut, kefir, tempeh and kombucha. Not familiar with these foods? Try to make it a goal to try at least one a month this year and see how you go! Your gut and your body will love you back. 

IMG_4648DAY 5: Today it’s all about just walking just a little more. Inactivity is now the world’s fourth largest killer! Thankfully, being the bipeds that we we are, we can always use our good old two legs to walk and get just a little more activity into our day. And it does NOT need to be a full-on walk! Commit to getting up from your office desk every 20 minutes or so to get a drink of water or just walk around the floor. Then go out for a short stroll during your lunch break, and after dinner. The photo here is the number of steps I took 2 days ago — they recommend 10,000. Just the day before that, I only had under 5,000 steps! (That was my typical office day, but still I was shocked at how inactive it actually was.) When I committed to getting up and just injecting more movement ever 20 minutes or so, and then took a 20-minute stroll after dinner, I reached 16,000 steps. So, it’s not hard to do.  Even better, get strapped to a cheap pedometer like this and aim for that minimum 10,000 steps a day.

1492532_808676389158974_1697306798_oDAY 6: Today is all about committing to have a nutritious breakfast every single day. If nothing else goes right for the rest of the day, at least you had a great breakfast  Some of us are tempted to skip breakfast due to the morning rush, but this just leads to energy crashes mid-morning, and cravings later in the day! Make it a quick one, and go for a clean, nourishing blend of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. Sharing my “Breakfast Bliss Bowl” which is so quick and easy: 3 Tbsp Greek yoghurt (or Coconut Yoghurt) topped with 1/2 cup fruit (e.g. berries, mango, passionfruit, nectarines… anything pretty much), a handful of gluten free muesli, 1/2 to 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 Tbsp coconut oil and a handful of almonds or seeds. I also jazz it up with Chia Seeds (as you see here). I also take smoothies for brekky when I’m REALLY pressed for time. Lots of tips on this site and Facebook for smoothies you can try :)

shutterstocl_relazDAY 7: Today it’s about carving some time for YOU every day, to just relax and chill. Nowadays we can get caught up in the web of being busy, that we can’t settle down even on the weekend. So anything – 15 minutes to 30 minutes of down time, alone, by yourself, doing something you love — becomes really significant. This is one of my biggest goals this year… but the one that I think I will enjoy most as well. 

I hope you all have enjoyed the challenge, and that it’s given you an idea or two that work for you and your busy lifestyle. Again, it’s not about HUGE changes that just lead to overwhelm, or are not sustainable. Being healthy is a lifelong proposition, and it is all about little apple.bites that build up over time. 

Want to find out more about how you can transition to Real Food, as well as make changes that truly work for you? Click here to schedule your free 30-minute strategy session (Skype / phone) with me. I would love to be part of your transformation this year.


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