Let’s Clean Up That Pantry


You’re worried your pantry is sick!

Not ‘sick’ as in awesome. Sick as in a fever of 39 C! (Or for those in the US, a 102 F).

And the worst part is, it might be making you sick.

Good news though, I’m here to help get you and your pantry healthy again!

Ok, I won’t be getting on my hands and knees and physically digging through your pantry. But I will help through the power of the internet.

PANTRY CLEAN UP is a virtual service where (through Skype or photos). I sort through your pantry and help you get rid of harmful foods AND suggest alternatives for your favorites. This isn’t about tossing out everything you love. This is about making a few small changes in your buying habits that can make a big impact on how you feel.

I can’t say this enough: Keeping the best (high quality, nutritionally-dense, and delicious) foods on hand is the first step to making sure only the best foods enter your body!

How does this work?

In this 1 hour session I will:

  • weed out any lurking ingredients that don’t support you and your family’s health and explain why
  • talk about easy switches, and how you can create the best pantry to support your goals
  • help you understand what to look for when shopping (e.g. fresh food, oils, sweeteners, other pantry staples, what to watch out for in packaged foods)

I can’t promise that we won’t end up with a small pile of “don’ts” but hey, nothing feels better than a great spring clean and the clarity on food choices that comes with it.


Ready to have a kickass pantry?

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