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Healthy Japanese Okonomiyaki Pancakes


I am always looking for ways to add vegetables to each meal. I first fell in love with Okonomiyaki’s (Japanese pancakes) when I was a student in Tokyo in 1997…. waaaay back! Japanese pancakes are so cool because they are almost entirely made up of filling (usually veggies with some meat) and are therefore a […] Read more…

Winter Warmers


Winter is the season of comfort foods and staying indoors, but unfortunately this is also the time when a lot of us feel run down and tempted by less than healthy food and life choices. Here are some simple ways to vote for your health this winter: Listen to your body and make warming food […] Read more…

Busy Morning Quinoa Porridge


Mornings can be very busy and porridge can be the last breakfast of choice. Not anymore with this quick and easy recipe! A simple and warming brekkie is quinoa porridge. Just use a cup of quinoa flakes (you can find this at the Macro section in Woolworths), add 2 cups of liquid (1 cup water […] Read more…