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It’s been quiet on the Apple Bites blog recently… but I’m back! :)

In the past few days, I have been chatting with friends who are on a “health kick” or are about to start a “health kick”. One of the comments shared with me was: “I’ll start next year. I’m all or nothing. So I’ve got to do it all right.” I found this extremely interesting.


Today I would like to do a short but sharp reflection on the purpose of it all – eating “clean”, going to the gym or bootcamp, reducing coffee intake, eating less sweets, reducing portions, juicing and smoothies every day, preparing all your lunches for the week because (horror of horrors) food at the food court ain’t good enough, going gluten free, and everything else that seems to go with the current idea of getting “healthy”.

Which brought me to a realisation: the idea of getting “healthy” seems to be so interconnected with the idea of STRIVING and trying. There is an innate belief that this health stuff (whatever it is) is HARD, and hence there is an almost unconscious bracing, just about. As if we are bracing ourselves against something unpleasant, something we can never quite succeed at. Like you’re not allowed to eat ice cream. Ever. So you have to eat ALL the ice cream now!

And herein lies the problem why so many people struggle with the transition to a healthy lifestyle: the whole idea that it is about TRYING HARD. Does this sound familiar?

I would love very much to correct this, and if fact, I feel that this is now my life’s work: to deconstruct health and wellbeing, and to create a beginner’s mind around reconnecting to our inner health, to make it easy to start somewhere, anywhere.

The purpose of it “all” is not to feel harassed, or to feel that one can never quite “get there”. That one has to keep trying, otherwise one is not good enough to be healthy. WE ARE ALL GOOD ENOUGH. The purpose of it all is to THRIVE.

Me with a girlfriend today, enjoying the sunshine and ice cream and real freshly made super thin French crepes. Just because. :)

Me with a girlfriend today, enjoying the sunshine and ice cream and real freshly made super thin French crepes. Just because. :)

To feel that we are connected back again to our inner knowing, the inner guidance that steers us in the direction of what best nourishes us from the inside and out: whether it’s fresh nutritious food, family, career, relationships, friendships, spirituality, sunshine, beaches, the smell of forests and flowers, the thrill of a carnival ride, the joy of dancing in your living room, the discovery of a new book…

If it feels too hard, ease back. This is your one life. If you are doubting whether you are moving in the “right” direction to regaining your health, ask yourself: is this particular choice helping you thrive? Or is just another form of trying hard?

I am excited to be working on a number of health and wellbeing programs that work with you to create ease in your life so that you can reconnect with your true health and happiness.

THRIVE NOT STRIVE. Watch this space! xx

I would love to hear back from you and what your thoughts are about recovering health, and how sometimes, it’s been made to look and sound too hard.




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