Why You Should Try Rooibos Tea Today


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There is nothing like a warm steaming cuppa either first thing in the morning, during the mid-morning and mid-afternoon slumps, or late at night to bring a sense of calm and a lovely pause to the day. Rooibos (pronounced “roy-boss”) Tea is definitely a delicious caffeine-free tea to add to your arsenal because it’s a tea you can drink from morning until night time without having to worry about getting the jitters or being unable to sleep. It also has amazing health benefits which will make you change the way you look at tea time.

Now that you know how to pronounce it (which is sometimes the first awkward thing that puts people off from buying it), let’s get to know Rooibos and its amazing properties a little better.

Rooibos is an African herbal infusion which has recently gained popularity this side of the pond due to its fantastic benefits and caffeine-free profile. Grown in South Africa, rooibos is a herbal infusion which comes from the red bush plant. As it does not come from camellia sinensis (the regular tea plant variety), rooibos is naturally caffeine free and is also low in tannins which can block the absorption of calcium.

Perhaps the most outstanding benefit of Rooibos is its extraordinary antioxidant content. It contains a diverse array of polyphenols which protects the body’s cells from the effect of daily stress and pure wear and tear. Rooibos has an extremely high content of cancer-fighting compounds that the Cancer Association of South Africa, after years of research, has recognised it as a viable source of natural cancer-fighting chemicals.

So what are its other health benefits?

  • helps balance blood sugar and improve insulin resistance
  • contains absorbable forms of minerals such as magnesium (for a healthy nervous system and relaxing muscles), calcium (for stronger bones and teeth), zinc (for optimal metabolism), and iron (helps shuttle oxygen to cells)
  • is anti-inflammatory due to its high quercetin content
  • alleviates stomach problems such as constipation and indigestion
  • helps calm skin allergies
  • calms tension
  • can help improve sleeping patterns and assist with insomnia
  • improves blood circulation and helps decrease high blood pressure
  • can help with asthma and persistent headaches

Pretty powerful for a humble cup of tea isn’t it?

Rooibos is also becoming a favourite amongst people who are trying to reduce their coffee intake due to its refreshing taste and the fact that it doesn’t cause a caffeine-crash induced slump later on. You may want to look into trying this tea if you sometimes feel more agitated or have palpitations after drinking normal tea or even green tea.

I personally discovered Rooibos because I found that as someone who is continuing to recover from adrenal issues, I found that normal tea (black tea, and even green tea) doesn’t love me back too much due to the caffeine content. It took me some time to make the connection as as I had  already given up regular coffee due to anxiety and palpitations that I would feel after. However, it was after some more months of feeling a tightening in my back and chest, coupled with palpitations, every time I had regular tea and green tea, that I finally realised I had to look for an alternative.

Nowadays, Rooibos Tea is something I regularly recommend to my health coaching clients to support their overall health, especially if they have digestive, adrenal, energy or blood sugar issues.

Whether or not you are affected by caffeine, are looking for a coffee substitute, or are just looking to make your cup of tea healthier, enhance your tea experience with these delicious Rooibos choices from Homefresh Organics today.


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